July 15, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)


Joseph-Hermas Leclerc


Mr. J. H. LECLERC (Shefford):

I wish to draw the attention of the government to the very serious shortage of butter boxes in the
Butter Boxes

eastern townships in Quebec and perhaps in the whole province. Most of the creameries carry a stock of butter boxes through the winter, and we had an order for a lot of butter boxes to be delivered just as soon as the roads opened up in the spring. These boxes have not yet been delivered. On Monday I called up all the box manufacturers in the eastern townships and was informed that they were all running behind in their operations by about twelve weeks and that we could not get butter boxes. I know that all the creameries are in the same position. The Megantic Manufacturing company, which is quite a large manufacturer of butter boxes, informed me that they were running at only fifty per cent of last year's capacity owing to the shortage of labour. Because of high wages elsewhere they cannot keep their help. The Cooperative Federee of Montreal, at Victoria-ville, are manufacturing butter boxes, but will not deliver any to us. The situation is very serious, and I hope the government will do what it can to provide a remedy.
There is another question I want to bring before the house, the shortage of fuel wood in Granby.

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