July 17, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)


Gordon Graydon (Leader of the Official Opposition)

National Government

Mr. GORDON GRAYDON (Leader of the Opposition):

Mr. Speaker, following the statement just made by the Prime Minister, I take it to read that the message to the Commander
in Chief of the Canadian forces in Sicily was a message from the government and people of Canada to the forces under his command. I should like to ask the Prime Minister to couple it with a message from the parliament of Canada if that has not already been done in his message.
What the Prime Minister has said I think is most apt and appropriate in the circumstances. The upholding of the splendid traditions of our Canadian troops in these most recent operations is a matter of great national pride to Canada. While our troops have fought on many occasions with valour beside the troops of Britain and the other dominions, on this occasion our troops were fighting side by side with our American cousins to the south, and I think this will be hailed as another milestone in the close cooperation between these two members of the united nations who are engaged in this war.
We as members of the Progressive Conservative party want to join with the Prime Minister in the message which he has sent overseas and to ask him also to cable the good wishes and a good word from parliament itself.

Topic:   THE WAR
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