April 28, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Thomas Vien (Speaker of the Senate)



The hon. member yesterday sent me a notice of his motion, which reads as follows:
Mr. Church asks leave to move, seconded by Mr. MacNicol, the adjournment of the house for the purpose of discussing a definite matter of urgent public importance, namely, the urgent need of houses in the city of Toronto and other places in Canada and for the purpose of calling the attention of the government to the urgent need of immediate emergency measures relating thereto.
Naturally, when a motion such as this is before the house, moved by an old parlia-
H ousing

mentarian, and, if I may say so, one of the most highly respected members of the house, I have considered it with care, and with more particular care because of the fact that before such a motion can be put to the house there must be a degree of urgency to justify me in doing so. In the motion before me I cannot find that degree of urgency.
There is a motion on the order paper standing in the name of the hon. member for Broadview which deals with the question of housing, which in the ordinary case, if these notices of motion had been dealt with as they have been in previous sessions of this parliament, might not have been reached. But when the hon. member introduced his motion I recalled that some statement of policy had been made by the Prime Minister (Mr. Mackenzie King) with regard to the legislation which was to come before the house. On the 24th of April last the Prime Minister, at page 2282 of Hansard, indicated the legislation which would come before the' house, among which he mentioned national housing legislation; and to-day I heard for the first time, as the hon. member has heard, the statement of the acting leader of the government (Mr. Ralston) that legislation with regard to housing will be brought into the house, and it will then be discussed.
I must therefore rule that there is not that degree of urgency in the motion to justify my putting it to the house, because the hon. member will have the opportunity of discussing housing when the bill is before the house.
Again, there is this feature, that the hon. gentleman may bring up the subject of housing op the motion that the house go into committee of supply. I must therefore rule that there is not the degree of urgency in the motion of the hon. gentleman to justify my putting it to the house.

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