May 26, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Olof Hanson


Mr. HANSON (Skeena):

Since this road is in my riding I think I can give the committee some information about it. From Vancouver, British Columbia, this road is approximately 1,200 miles. The provincial government have built the road from Vancouver to a point fifteen miles west of Hazelton, or a distance of about 900 miles. The federal government undertook to build the road to link up that road to Prince Rupert. According to the minister, the government has spent something like $11,000,000. There is fourteen miles of this road which is passable at certain times of the year, and I understand that it will take about $100,000 to link these sections up. If a business man or a corporation spent a thousand dollars on a project and then needed to spend only $10 to finish it, I think they would complete the job. The minister says that there is some responsibility on the provincial government,
War Appropriation-Mines and Resources
but when the provincial government has built something like 900 miles and the federal government undertakes to build 200 miles, I do not think they should stop at mile 178. As I say, -this section of the road can be gone over with a model T Ford which has a sufficiently high clearance. If this road were linked up it would provide transportation from Prince Rupert to Vancouver. If it were necessary to evacuate troops from Prince Rupert they would not be able to take them over these fourteen miles of road except in a model T truck.

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