May 30, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Douglas Charles Abbott (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance)



I should like to deal with the points raised by the hon. member for Prince Edward-Lennox. There are three ceilings on poultry, as I have no doubt my hon. friend knows. There is a ceiling on the wholesale price, there is a ceiling on the producer and there is a ceiling to the retail trade. The producer of poultry is entitled to sell at the ceiling price according to who is his customer. If he sells to a wholesaler, he gets the producer price; if he sells to a retailer, he gets the wholesale price, and if he sells to you or to me as consumers, he gets the retail consumer price. That is the price ceiling policy with respect to dressed poultry.
As to what these inspectors were doing in my hon. friend's town, I must confess that I have no personal information. I am not an

War Appropriation-Finance
expert in the grading of poultry. The wartime prices and trade board has nothing to do with establishing the grades of dressed poultry; that is done either by the provincial agricultural authorities or by those of the federal government. In any case the grades are fixed and the prices board establishes ceilings for the different grades.

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