May 30, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Richard Burpee Hanson

National Government

Mr. HANSON (York-Sunbury):

That just illustrates once more the fact that when you set up regulations to interfere with the laws of supply and demand, as is being done by the wartime prices and trade board, great irregularities and injustices are bound to occur. Here is a man with grade A poultry, and he is told by the so-called gestapo that he cannot get the price for grade A poultry, that he must take the ungraded poultry price. I am satisfied that the regulations were made with good intent; I want to make that clear; but it is the operation of these regulations that brings about injustices and great discontent in this country. Make no mistake about it-the hand of every man who produces is against these regulations.

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