June 8, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs; President of the Privy Council)


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister):

Hon. members will have
observed that the Prime Minister of Great Britain has intimated to the British house that he does not think it will be possible for him to make statements from day to day in reference to the progress of the war, that he will have to choose occasions on which particular statements may be made. However, the Prime Minister in Britain is also Minister of Defence and may wish to speak in either or both capacities. I am sure hon. members will be interested in hearing this afternoon from the Minister of National Defence (Mr. Ralston) something about the events of the last few days, giving to the house as much in the way of information as it is possible for him to give, particularly in relation to the progress which has been made by our own forces. As there is no particular place indicated on the order paper for such a statement, if it suits the convenience of the

Invasion oj Western Europe
house I suggest that the Minister of National Defence might make a statement immediately.

Topic:   THE WAR
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