July 20, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Frederick William Gershaw



This vote is to support prairie farm rehabilitation, the need for which was recognized long years ago. Ten years ago the need became particularly acute, and this act was passed. That need is still great, particularly in the Palliser triangle, which so desperately requires something in the nature of a permanent policy. Year after year it has been demonstrated that there is not sufficient rainfall in that district to permit agriculture to be carried on, so that some permanent policy must be adopted in regard to irrigation. Streams flow eastward from the Rocky mountains and north from the Cypress hills. If the waters of these streams could be made use of it would be a great blessing to the people of this district. The works should be of a permanent nature, so that they may continue to be useful long after we are gone. I am sure the staff in the office at Regina have gathered a great deal of valuable information in connection with this area, and I want to make the plea to the minister that the engineers should concentrate on this primary objective until it is much closer to accomplishment than is the case at present. In addition, some of these works which are partly finished could be completed at very small cost, and I think that should be done just as soon as men and material are available. The longer they are left unfinished the greater will be the suffering. This is really one of our very urgent problems.

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