August 12, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


James Lester Douglas



What progress has been made in the construction of the new car ferry and what is the approximate date on which it will be ready-for service? Since the icebreaker Charlottetown was lost in 1941 our people have been very patient in not pressing the department unduly for a new boat because they knew that all the shipyards were busily engaged in building ships of war. The present car ferry had a bad accident in March of last year at a time when a great many cars of certified seed potatoes were waiting to be transported to western Ontario and the United States where the seed was required for early planting. Every hon. member of the committee realizes that our transportation problem dates back seventy-five years. While we have made a good deal of progress in that time, I am sure the department will agree with me that we are now entitled to the best boat that money and material can build.

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