September 26, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Walter Adam Tucker



Their record met with the approval of the people for a long time. However, my hon. friends held out a vision of a new way of handling things whereby these services would be paid for in some mysterious way rather than by having to take money out of their pockets, and the people turned temporarily from the Liberal party. But I would point out to hon. members that there are only two C.C.F. members sitting in this house from Saskatchewan who, like my hon. friend the Minister of Agriculture and myself, had the support of the majority of the people

voting. That does not look as though the people of Saskatchewan have swallowed completely the C.C.F. fantasies that were held out to them.
As I was going to say, the Liberal party were expanding social services in Saskatchewan as fast as the money could be obtained, so that is nothing new. What we have had now from the C.C.F. government there is an increase in the gas tax and an increase in the licence fees for farmers' trucks. I ask hon. gentlemen: is that the new era they had in mind when they held out these glowing promises to the people? This is the thought that is in the minds of the people of Saskatchewan to-day; do the C.C.F. mean what they say when they speak of the new era, when they talk about taking over businesses and making profits in order to advance the social welfare of the people, or are they just talking about it in order to catch votes?

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