November 27, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. McILRAITH: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Reconstruction)


1. Yes.
2. Following the deliberations of the war committee of the cabinet a committee on research for defence was formed August 9, 1945 composed of the following:
Chairman, Hon. C. D. Howe, Minister of Reconstruction and Supply; C. A. S. Air Marshal R. Leckie; A. M. R. D. Air Commodore A. L. James; C. N. S. Vice Admiral G. C. Jones; C. G. S. Lieut. Gen. G. Foulkes; M. G. 0. Major Gen. J. H. McQueen; R. D. Harkness, Gen. Manager, Northern. Electric Company; Dr. C. J. Mackenzie, President, National Research Council; C. A. R. D. E. Dr. D. Rose, Supt. (Can. Army Research Development) ; Doctor C. H. Best, Banting and Best Institute, University of Toronto; Wing-Commander A. M. Cameron, Secretary, Privy Council, Secretary.
Also, a representative of the Scientific Research Section of the Navy to be appointed.
Also, coordinator of Production, Reconstruction and supply.
The terms of reference of this committee are in part: 1
To act as the government's principal advisors and referees on broad questions of research policy in collaboration with industry and with the scientific institutes and with bodies representative of other governments.
To review and to suggest measures for the coordination of the activities of the various government agencies engaged in research for the need of optimum use of resources available.
3. Inasmuch as the need for secrecy is obviously apparent, it is considered that it is not in the public interest to reply to this question.
4. Answered by the Minister page 2363 of Hansard, November 21, 1945.
5. Answered by No 4. [DOT]

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