November 30, 1945 (20th Parliament, 1st Session)


Clayton Wesley Hodgson

Progressive Conservative


I want to say a word to the minister-it will take only a minute- following up what the hon. member for Peterborough West has said. All along the Trent waterways system has grown up a great tourist industry. There is plenty of room for further development. I thank the minister for the new gates which are going on at Fenelon Falls lock. A repair job there was very necessary. While his men are working up there, I might point out that some mud has accumulated in years gone by from a saw mill at the mouth of the canal where it goes into Cameron lake. If that mud were taken off by a sucker, we would have a wonderful sand beach and it would be a splendid place for tourists. There is also a repair job to be done on the dock at Coboconk and other places along the canal system where it empties into Balsam lake. Quantities of rock and mud have piled up on the sides of the canal, and if it could be levelled down, the place could be made a beauty spot. There is in fact a considerable amount of beautification which could be done along this waterways Astern with the help of the department. I should be glad to go into these matters in detail in the minister's office at any time, or to take it up through the departmental engineer at Peterborough, Mr. Ryan. I might say here that Mr. Ryan has given me the very best of cooperation in any business I have had with him since he became the official located at that particular point. I repeat, Mr. Chairman, that any information that I can give the minister in detail I shall be glad to give him.

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