March 15, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Solon Earl Low

Social Credit

Mr. SOLON LOW (Peace River):

Mr. Speaker, members of the Social Credit group are thankful that Canada has been privileged to have the Earl of Athlone as Governor General during the years of the war. We are mindful of the splendid and devoted way in which, ha has conducted the affairs of his high office. Now that the time has come when we must bid farewell to the Earl and the Princess Alice, we join with other members of this house in wishing them godspeed, and we want them to know that our best and sincerest wishes for their future health and happiness go with them. We are glad, therefore, Mr. Speaker, unanimously to join with the Prime Minister in supporting this motion.
Right Hon. L. S. ST. LAURENT (Minister of Justice) (Translation): Mr. Speaker, may I be granted the privilege of adding a few words in French in support of the motion which has just been moved and seconded with such good taste by the hon. members of the house who spoke before me.
His Excellency the Governor General and Her Royal Highness Princess Alice have very often and with complete mastery expressed themselves in the language used by Canadians of French descent to convey their feelings towards us and to encourage us in our loyalty to our traditions and institutions. Therefore, it is fitting, and I feel sure everyone will agree, that, using the same language.
Alaska Highway

I should tell them that we unanimously and heartily endorse the congratulations, thanks and good wishes expressed in the farewell address which we have just heard.
There is no need for me to repeat them nor to attempt any amplification, but I wish to say to Their Excellencies that the last but _ one paragraph of yesterday's speech from the throne moved us very deeply. The words referred to are the following:
Princess Alice and I will ever recall that in these momentous years it has been our proud privilege to share in your anxieties and. rejoicings. Throughout our lives we shall cherish am abiding affection for Canada 'and her people.
Their Excellencies know that the motto of
my province is "Je me souviens". We too will forever treasure the imperishable memory of these two impressive figures who upheld with such personal dignity and 6clat our inalienable loyalty to the monarohial government which is at the same time democratically constitutional. During the dreadful war years, this loyalty was a constant inspiration to our people, and the presence of Their Excellencies among us, as well as their continuous participation in all our efforts have forged bonds of admiration and affection, and we are proud to register the fact in the records of parliament.

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