March 27, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Antoine-Philéas Côté

Independent Liberal

Mr. COTE (Matapedia-Matane):

The bill is intended to repeal the Dominion Day Act and substitute therefor a Canada Day Act. The only changes are in the title and in section 2 where the word "Canada" is substituted for the word "Dominion". The purpose served and aim pursued in introducing this bill is twofold:
First, it is for the purpose of achieving a better identification of Canada outside the country.
Second, it is to create another element conducive to a greater patriotism towards Canada by Canadians all.
In replacing the word "Dominion" by the word "Canada"-and that is all that my bill is doing to the Dominion Day Act, chapter 49 of the revised statutes of Canada, 1927-it surely is a clearer way of identifying our country in a shrunken world, where at least curiosity is rapidly growing for information about us.
Now, as far as we are concerned within the limits of our country, may I be permitted to suggest that it surely is not too early to give to Canadians all a common denominator for calculating their yearly achievements and a yearly holiday to celebrate the results all over Canada.
Such a holiday will certainly not put into shade the various colours of our Canadian mosaic, shining under the sun some other days in the year; but I believe the whole pattern should go on exhibition at least once a year and under a proper appellation.
_ Mr. CHURCH: We have had one Canada
day since confederation-Dominion day July 1.
Motion agreed to and' bill read the first time.

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