June 4, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Lionel Chevrier (Minister of Transport)


Hon. LIONEL CHEVRIER (Minister of Transport):

The hon. gentleman was good enough to send me notice of the question. I have a statement which I am happy to give him now. The present position of the Canso investigations is as follows:
1. A good subsurface survey of the site of the causeway is completed.
2. Five borings to rock have been made at the lock site at the west end of the causeway.
3. One boring to rock has been made at the east end of the causeway.
4. A proposal to put down five borings in the central section of the causeway from J. P. Porter has been accepted and material therefor has been ordered by the contractor. Work should start in the near future.
5. The above proposal includes two borings on the site of a possible bridge.
6. A subsurface survey on the sites of new terminals on either side of the strait is completed.
7. Much field work has been completed in study * of possible railway diversions.
8. Four borings have been completed on the possible site of terminals at Steep Creek and on the shore opposite.
9. A barometric, reconnaissance survey of the country between the Sunnybrae line and Antigonish-Mulgrave line has been completed and an excellent low grade route has been found for connecting these lines.
10. The geological survey have given us a new report on the territory in the vicinity of the causeway and the availability of material for its construction.
The services of Mr. S. W. Crowell of Amherst have been secured and a survey party headed by him will be in the field in one
week's time if all goes well. During this summer we expect to spend about $45,000 on borings and $15,000 on surveys. We shall probably complete our work in September.

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