June 24, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Brooke Claxton (Minister of National Health and Welfare)



I wonder if there are any other questions I might take up at the same time. If not, I shall be veiy glad indeed to answer the questions put by the hon. member for Eglinton. In the first place, the statute requires that the report be filed as soon as possible after the end of the fiscal year, and not later than three months after the end of the fiscal year. I think hon. members will agree that this period is shorter than that provided in most statutes requiring the filing of annual reports. In this case we have had the report available in draft form for just a few days. It would have been filed in typewritten form already but for the fact that there has been delay in having it translated. I think hon. members are aware of the fact that just now it is difficult to have government papers translated and printed as promptly as we would like. However, the report will be filed in accordance with the statute before the end of this month, though it will not be possible to have it printed in that period.
The hon. member asked for the expenditures last year, and I can give him those. They were as follows:
Cost of living bonus and unemployment insurance
Publicity and information
Telephones, telegrams, postage ...!!
Professional and special services. ..
Material and supplies
Freight, cartage and express Transportation and travel

Supply-Health and Welfare

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