June 24, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Brooke Claxton (Minister of National Health and Welfare)



I have just been handed the table of expenditures I gave the hon. member, and I find I shall have to reconcile it with the information to be procured.
With regard to the programme covering the present fiscal year, the national council of physical fitness has had two meetings during the year. It laid down for the national director a programme which involved the preparation of a draft syllabus for a suggestion to universities in connection with the training of instructors in physical fitness. That has been distributed to the universities and it has met with a good deal of interest. It is available for them to be used, should they desire to do so.
Resolutions were adopted by the council suggesting further educational and promotional activities in connection with camps, the holding of games, organized activities in universities and schools and in connection with community activities. This act came into effect in 1943. Six provinces have cooperated actively in it.

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