August 23, 1946 (20th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Douglas Charles Abbott (Minister of National Defence; Minister of National Defence for Naval Services)


Hon. DOUGLAS ABBOTT (Minister of National Defence):

Mr. Chairman, a number of questions were asked during the course of the debate the other day which I promised to answer later. Perhaps it might be well if I were to do it now, before further questions are asked.
The hon. member for Skeena asked what disposition was being made of naval buildings in Prince Rupert. The Prince Rupert base, with the exception of the wireless station, drill hall and two other buildings, and the fuel oil installation, has been transferred to War Assets Corporation for disposal. The wnreless station and fuel oil installation are on a care and maintenance basis, while the drill hall and the two other buildings are being held temporarily for use by sea cadets and possibly a naval reserve division, when formed. Ordinary temporary construction would, in the course of closing the base, be dismantled.
The hon. member for Lake Centre asked if I would advise him as to what action was taken with respect to Major James Alexander Elliott. I stated that I would examine the file and see what I could get. I have done so, and I find that the then minister approved the removal of this former officer from the Canadian army on October 21, 1944 on the ground of misconduct. The misconduct referred to had nothing whatever to do with the signing of documents which permitted certain personnel to evade the provisions of the national selective service regulations. I find that our first information-the first information that the Department of National Defence has with reference to his alleged activities in this regard-was on receipt of a letter from the commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on November 1, 1944, after his removal from the Canadian army. I may say that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been furnished with all the information in the possession of the army with respect to this particular officer.

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