February 12, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Walter Adam Tucker (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Veterans Affairs)


Mr. W. A. TUCKER (Rosthern):

I wish to ask a question of the Secretary of State for External Affairs. Has a situation said to exist in Salzburg camp, Austria, where 3,500 Ukrainians feel that steps are being taken which will lead to their possible deportation to the Soviet Union, been brought to the attention of the government, and if so will the government take steps to do what it properly can in the matter to help these unfortunate people?
Right Hon. L. S. ST. LAURENT (Secretary of State for External Affairs): I received a couple of hours ago a telegram from the Ukrainian Canadian committee about the screening of displaced persons in Salzburg camp, Austria, the contents of which seemed rather surprising, since the principle is that no one in a displaced camp will be forced to return to his country of origin unless it is conclusively shown to the satisfaction of the international commission that he has been guilty of war crimes or of collaboration. The information we have about the functioning of

these screening committees up to the present time has been such as to satisfy us that this principle was being properly and carefully applied. I have no specific information about the operation of this screening committee in the Salzburg camp in Austria. However, now that the question has been raised it will certainly be looked into. I can give the hon. member the assurance that up to the present time the provisions which had been made by the united nations have been properly applied and are giving satisfactory results.

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