February 14, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Colin William George Gibson (Secretary of State of Canada)


Hon. COLIN GIBSON (Secretary of State):

When the Canadian Citizenship x\ct was passed last session the vast majority of the people of this country became Canadian citizens. Under the act provision was made for the issuing of certificates of citizenship, but at that time it was not expected that there would be any great demand for these certificates in proof of citizenship on the part of those who automatically became Canadian citizens under the act. However, there has been a very great demand from all parts of the country for these certificates; and while it is not necessary to obtain a certificate to complete a man's citizenship, yet they are available to those who wish to apply for them.

Militia Act
There has been delay in the issuing of the application form. In the first place it was not expected the demand would approach anything like the extent it has reached, and there has been delay also owing to the fact that we have slightly changed and simplified the forms. Consequently it will be a week or so yet before the new forms are available in all parts of the country.
In reference to the fee payable on receipt of a certificate, I may say that under the first tariff of fees approved under the regulations the cost of securing a certificate was $5. It was considered that this was too high in cases where a man was merely securing a certificate in proof of his citizenship, and that fee has been reduced to $1. I think any person obtaining a certificate should pay some fee to take care of the overhead costs that are incurred in examining the application and in issuing the certificates. I should like to add that during the war provision was made under which any alien serving in the Canadian forces who took out his naturalization papers would receive his naturalization certificate free. Consequently we have felt that the same privilege should be extended to other Canadian veterans who were on active service; and when they apply for certificates in proof of citizenship they also get them free.

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