March 3, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Howard Charles Green

Progressive Conservative


Yes. He was working hard for the minister in the last election.
Let us help Great Britain in every way possible. She has suffered grievously to save civilization. Her people are showing the same courage and the same sturdy character that they showed after Dunkirk and right through the war. No people on earth are more deserving of support and encouragement from the other nations of the world. I believe that Canada now, in 1947, holds the key to the future of the British empire and, perhaps, through that empire, holds the key to the peace of the world.
Right Hon. L. S. ST. LAURENT (Secretary of State for External Affairs): Mr. Speaker,
with the first part of the speech of the hon. member for Vancouver South (Mr. Green) 1 was finding myself in entire agreement because, as I will show in just a moment, my notes were along the lines of what he was saying, and I hope I may be able to add something to that very informative part of his address. With respect to the second part of his speech, as I understand its implications, I must say I am in sharp disagreement. I am not prepared to recommend to this house that we go back to the pre-statute of Westminster days.

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