April 23, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. McILRAITH: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Reconstruction and Supply)


1. Yes.
2. (a) and (b) Priority is given to requests received from Dominion Government Departments or Agencies; Provincial Governments; Municipalities; and Public Bodies; in the order stated, providing the requests cover only war surplus which
(i) is required by the claimant for its own use and is not intended for resale, and
(ii) is not required by the claimant for the manufacture of goods which are for sale in commercial markets.
There is one exception to the foregoing proviso:-
Government sponsored low-cost emergency housing projects are given first priority on certain buildings, lands and materials salvaged from demolished buildings.
(c) Yes, the priority claimant must provide satisfactory proof that it falls within one of the four priority groups listed above.
(d) No. Priorities in the order stated above were established on the recommendation of

the Crown Assets Allocation Committee and subsequently confirmed by the Right Honourable the Minister of Reconstruction and Supply.

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