May 22, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. KNOWLES: (Whip of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation)

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

1. When did Dr. E. A. Braithwaite first join
the force of the N.W.M.P. _
2. For how many years was Dr. Braithwaite on the force and/or on the payroll of the NW.M.P, the R.N.W.M.P., and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
3. What positions did Dr. Braithwaite hold in connection with the above?
4. On what date was he finally retired?
5. Is he on pension?
6. If not, for what reason?
7. Has he applied for pension? If so, what steps have been taken to grant same?
1. May 7, 1384.
2. (a) Actually in the force from May 7, 1884, to May 6, 1892. (b) He then became a medical doctor and later was appointed a contract surgeon to the force, during which time he had a private practice. He was on the pay roll as a contract surgeon from March 1, 1894, to December 31, 1931.
3. During the period shown in 2(a) he was a staff sergeant. During the period shown in 2(b) he was a contract surgeon, but in recognition of his long and faithful service he was appointed an honorary surgeon by order in council of November 16, 1911.

4. December 31, 1931.
5. No.
6. He was not an actual member of the force, except for the period shown in 2(a) and is therefore not eligible for pension. Furthermore, he was not a contributor to the pension fund.
7. Yes. No steps taken by the government to grant pension as it has no authority to grant pension.

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