June 27, 1947 (20th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Grote Stirling

Progressive Conservative


Mr. Speaker, as the only person in the house today who was a member of the administration of Right Hon. R. B. Bennett. I should like to add my word of tribute to that which has been paid by the Prime Minister (Mr. Mackenzie King), by my leader, and by others who have spoken.
For a third of a century this great Canadian occupied a more and: more dominant position in our national life, and I am quite satisfied that in due course history will place him in the niche to which he belongs. I am satisfied also that the niche will be among the very great in Canada.
So much for the public tribute we have been Honoured in paying. But, Mr. Speaker, there are in Canada a very great number of inarticulate people who are not in a position to pay public tribute to this man whose death they mourn: those who turned to him for assistance, for sympathy, for advice, for help of a more material nature. They will mourn his death today. In many cases that assistance which he ga%'e started them in their chosen vocation, in which they1 had their opportunity also to serve Canada,
It is not unnatural, Mr. Speaker, that I should look upon my association with Viscount Bennett as one of the great occasions of my life.

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