May 4, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


James MacKerras Macdonnell

Progressive Conservative

Mr. MACDONNELL (Muskoka-Ontario):

Does this mean that if this motion is carried, no statement having been made by the minister, they will be sent to the committee on external affairs? It seems to me that we might just as well face the fact that they will be sent back from the committee, and that when they come back there will be no disposition to have them discussed here at all. The result will be that there will be no discussion here, and no statement by the minister. Is that what is intended?
Mr. ST. LAURENT: I do not understand the hon. member. I made a statement which lasted more than an hour and a quarter, and which has given rise to a debate lasting four days. I am not anxious to have these estimates go to the committee on external affairs; but I promised I would make this motion because I had gathered from all parties that they wished to bring before that committee the officials of the department so that they could get the detailed information which they could not get as satisfactorily when it must be relayed from the gentleman who sits in front of me now.
If there is any opposition to this procedure, I shall carry on and deal with these estimates in the same manner in which other estimates are dealt with.

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