June 3, 1948 (20th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. MacKINNON: (Minister of Fisheries)


1. Total amount advanced in the years 19141923 inclusive, $10,132,640.43.
2. Information not available by districts.
3. We do not have record of the registered owners of the encumbered properties in this department. To find out how many of the original debtors still own the land, it would be necessary to enquire from the registrars of the various land registration districts of Saskatchewan.
4. As at March 31, 1943-(a) $8,417,887.08; (b) $283,750.07; (c) $1,431,003.28.
5. As at March 31, 1943-(a) $1,432,900.20; (b) $484,985.94; (c) $1,652,009.45.
6. The practice of sending annual statements of seed grain indebtedness was discontinued in 1930 due to the depression and has not been resumed.
7. The cost of seed grain collections since 1945 is estimated as follows:
1945-46 .... $7,000
1946-47 .... 7,000
1947-48 .... 8,000
Total .. .. .... $22,000
About half the work in seed grain collections concerns Saskatchewan and the estimated expense for Saskatchewan would be one-half the above total, or $11,000 since 1945.

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