February 7, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Robert Henry Winters (Minister of Reconstruction and Supply)


Hon. Robert H. Winters (Minister of Reconstruction and Supply):

The hon. member was good enough to give me notice of his question, and I have looked into the matter briefly. The Fraserview project is in accordance with an agreement between the city of Vancouver and the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The development is a veterans' rental project involving some 300 acres of land immediately west of the Fraser golf club. Most of this land was owned by the city of Vancouver as tax sale land, but some parcels are owned by individuals. It was considered desirable to replan the area. For this reason, possession of all the land was required. Expropriation has taken place in respect to both privately-owned vacant land and privately-owned buildings.
The planning has been arranged so that, as far as possible, existing buildings will remain undisturbed. A number of houses may have to be moved, although by arrangement of the planning it is hoped to keep this number to a minimum. The situation has been explained to individual owners in the area, and every effort is being made to cause as little inconvenience as possible. An official of the corporation is devoting his whole time to dealing with individual owners. The vacant land is now being cleared so that an early start may be made upon the 1,200 houses for veterans.

Topic:   HOUSING
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