March 7, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Clarence Decatur Howe (Minister of Trade and Commerce)


Right Hon. C. D. Howe (Minister of Trade and Commerce):

I wish to make an
announcement to the house in regard to the oats and barley equalization fund for the year ending July 31, 1948, as administered by the Canadian wheat board.
The final accounting in regard to these two funds has now been completed. After allowing for payment expenses, the surplus in the 1947-48 oats equalization fund is $4,269,706.84, and the surplus in the 1947-48 barley equalization fund is $4,402,527.75. On the basis of 1947-48 producers deliveries, as reported to the board by handling companies, the per bushel payment on oats will be 5-881 cents, and on barley 6-780 cents per bushel.
These payments will be made in two parts. Cheques to individual producers delivering oats and barley to country elevators or authorized dealers from August 1, 1947 to
October 21, 1947 have been prepared and will be distributed through elevator companies commencing on March 7, 1949.
Delivery records for this period were already in the hands of the board, since the board made the dominion government payments of 5 cents per bushel on oats and 11 cents per bushel on barley applicable to deliveries of oats and barley during the period when price ceilings were in effect.
The board now has on hand the record of deliveries from October 22, 1947, to July 31, 1948. Cheques covering oats and barley deliveries during this period will be written at an early day and distributed to producers through the various elevator companies.
As the collection of equalization fees on exports of oats and barley was discontinued on August 1, 1948, the present payment will represent the last distribution of oats and barley equalization funds.

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