March 10, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. Bertrand (Laurier): (Postmaster General)


1. The post offices1 at Galiano, Mayne, North Galiano, Pender Island, Port Washington, Saturna and South Pender are served by a water service known as Victoria-Vancouver (Gulf islands route).
*The service is performed by the Canadian Pacific Railway under an agreement covered by order in council P.C. 1543 of 22nd April, 1947.
2. The rate of payment is $12,000 per annum.
3. Mail is delivered to: Galiano, Mayne, Pender Island, Port Washington-Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; North Galiano-Mondays; Saturna, South Pender- Mondays, Thursdays; each week.
4. The order in council expires March 31, 1951.
*The Canadian Pacific Railway steamers deliver mails to the wharf and the following contracts for the conveyance of mail between wharves and post offices are in effect:
Galiano and wharf, D. A. New, $327.60 per annum; contract expires 30-6-49.
Mayne and wharf, A. K. Steel, $126 per annum; contract expires 30-9-50.
North Galiano and wharf (Galiano), G. A. Bell, $416 per annum; contract expires
30- 6-52.
Pender Island and wharf (Hope Bay), S. P. Corbett, $30 per annum; contract expires
31- 3-50.
Pender Island and wharf (Port Washington), J. S. Stigings, $150 per annum; contract expires 31-12-49.

Port Washington and wharf, J. B. Bridge, $33.60 per annum; contract expires 30-6-49.
Port Washington and wharf (Hope Bay), J. S. Stigings, $150 per annum; contract expires 30-9-50.
Saturna and wharf, F. J. Jackson, $63.50 per annum; contract expires 31-3-49; renewal to 31-3-53.

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