March 16, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. Blair:

Progressive Conservative

1. How many clinical psychologists are employed on a full-time basis by the Department of Veterans Affairs: where are they located: what are their academic qualifications and from what universities did they receive degrees in psychology?
2. What arrangements are made by D.V.A. to ensure that the best available techniques are employed, and what steps have been taken to ensure adequate training of these psychologists while in the government service? Does such training go beyond sending some of these psychologists on short courses to the United States?
3. Is an adequately trained clinical psychologist employed on a full-time basis by D.V.A. to coordinate techniques, and to ensure co-operation with psychiatrists and other specialists of the medical profession?
4. How much time do part-time consultants in psychology to D.V.A. spend on such work?
5. Who are these consultants; with what institutions are they connected: how much money have they been paid in fees and expenses in the past two years; on what basis have these fees and expenses been paid, and what is the basis for their selection?
6. Have any of these same consultants been employed during the past two years by federal departments other than D.V.A.?

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