April 5, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Jean-François Pouliot

Independent Liberal

Mr. Pouliol:

On March 29, Le Soleil of Quebec reported as follows part of a speech I had made the previous day:
Every speech has been a funeral oration for the United Nations which was given a first class funeral. The member for Argenteuil talked at great length on national sovereignty. What is national sovereignty? It is a square wheel. It is incomprehensible that an intelligent lawyer like Mr. Heon should speak about national sovereignty as he has done.
Here is what I said, Mr. Speaker, as reported on page 2103 of Hansard:
I heard the member for Argenteuil (Mr. Heon) speak a little while ago. He talked about national sovereignty. Whoever thought of that? It is a square wheel; it is nonsense. I cannot understand such a brilliant lawyer using that expression. It shows how-I will not use the word "silly"-strange some people can be in their reasoning when they begin to talk on matters that they know nothing about.
I was referring, Mr. Speaker, to an erroneous report which had been made of a speech which I delivered on March 28 in reply to the hon. member for Argenteuil (Mr. Heon).

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