April 28, 1949 (20th Parliament, 5th Session)


Donald Methuen Fleming

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Fleming:

That last comment of the hon. member for Kings (Mr. Grant) is a sample of

Interim. Supply
his sense of responsibility. It is quite clear that he would throw around all this money of the people of Canada without worrying in the slightest where the money is coming from or where it is going. If the hon. member for Kings wants to abdicate all responsibility in view of his pending transfer to another sphere, all very well; but I would remind him that as long as he is a member of the House of Commons he has a responsibility to the people who elected him even though they made a great mistake in doing so.
The hon. member for Lake Centre (Mr. Diefenbaker) commented on the amount of money that has been paid to one friend of the government in the city of Toronto for services rendered in the year 1948. I refer to Mr. W. C. Thomson, a former president of the central liberal association in Toronto, a candidate for the provincial leadership of the party in 1945, and a candidate for the legislature on occasion.

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