September 29, 1949 (21st Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. Chevrier: (Minister of Transport)


1. The Canadian National Railways advise that no plans are at present under consideration for the replacement of the steamer Northumberland.
2 and 3. The usual casualty report was made to the collector of customs as required by the Canada Shipping Act, 1934, and on the basis of this report it was considered that no further inquiry under the Canada Shipping Act was necessary.
4. The S.S. Northumberland was built in 1891. She had undergone the regular inspection as required by the Canada Shipping Act, 1934.
5. The S.S. Northumberland had not commenced her season's work when the fire occurred. Some of the crew were on board the ship, but her annual inspection had not yet been completed, and the inspection certificate which was necessary before she would be permitted to commence operation had not been issued.

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