June 5, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Douglas Charles Abbott (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)


Hon. Douglas Abbott (Minister of Finance):

Yes; I saw the newspaper report in question, and at once had inquiries made as to what the circumstances were. I have received a report from the secretary of the wartime prices and trade board, which, as the house is aware, is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the rental regulations. The Mrs. Ellis-Reid referred to in the newspaper article, who resides at 264 Gladstone avenue, Ottawa, was charged under the wartime leasehold regulations with renting one unit of housing accommodation which had a basic date rental of $10 per month at $15.40 per month, an increase of some fifty per cent, and another unit which had a basic date rental of $14 per month, which was increased to $17 per month. Both properties are located in Shawville.
Leave to prosecute was issued on February 10 last, and the Department of Justice appointed Mr. J. O. Laflamme to act for the board. Mr. Ste. Marie, of Hull, counsel for Mrs. Ellis-Reid, requested two adjournments, which were granted, and on May 17 the case came to trial. At the outset of the proceedings Mr. Ste. Marie asked to toe relieved of his duties, and this was granted by His Honour Judge Millar. Mrs. Ellis-Reid handled her own case and pleaded not guilty to both charges. At the conclusion the court found her guilty on both charges and sentenced her to a fine of $5 and costs or eight days on each charge.

Topic:   HOUSING
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