June 5, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Douglas Charles Abbott (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)


Mr. Abbott:

They have not yet been determined. I am coming to that later. In a telephone conversation with Mr. Lemire, the clerk of the court, the secretary of the wartime prices and trade board was advised that Mrs. Ellis-Reid definitely refused to pay the fine and costs and emphasized that the lawyer was crooked, that the judge was crooked and that she only had $8 in the bank. At this point, Mr. Lemire, the clerk of the court, offered to consult with the judge with a view to granting time within which to pay the fine and costs. However, Mrs. Ellis-Reid definitely declared that she would never pay one dime to the court. Mr. Lemire advised her that the only alternative was to serve sixteen days in jail, and Mrs. Ellis-Reid said that was what she intended to do. She was imprisoned on May 17, and was released upon serving fourteen days in jail, two days apparently having been allowed for good behaviour.
I am informed by the enforcement counsel of the board that he has had several telephone conversations with Mrs. Ellis-Reid, and that she is an extremely difficult person to deal with.
As to the question of costs, the board has not received a final report from its counsel, owing to the fact that he is waiting for an account from the clerk of the court covering court costs in this prosecution. Since the alternate jail term was served by Mrs. Ellis-Reid, the board of course will be liable for such costs as are assessed by the court.

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