June 6, 1950 (21st Parliament, 2nd Session)


Alphonse Fournier (Minister of Public Works; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons; Liberal Party House Leader)


Mr. Fournier (Hull):

Tomorrow we will take up third reading of Bill No. 265, respecting the units of electrical and photometric measure; then the resolution which appears in today's Votes and Proceedings to provide and maintain a residence for the Prime Minister
which the Minister of Trade and Commerce will wish to advance as far as possible. I am told that there are some amendments from the Senate to the Income Tax Act which may come up. I have not seen the Minister of Finance but I am announcing them in case it is possible to go ahead. We will proceed with Bill No. 209, to amend the Prairie Farm Assistance Act, 1939, if the Minister of Agriculture is in Ottawa. Then Bill No. 133 and Bill No. 134 concerning national defence and the Militia Pension Act. There is also a resolution in the name of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to amend, consolidate and clarify the Indian Act. If time is left we will take up the estimates of veterans affairs. On Thursday it is our intention to proceed with national defence estimates.

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