January 29, 1951 (21st Parliament, 3rd Session)


Daniel (Dan) McIvor


Mr. Daniel Mclvor (Fori William):

Mr. Speaker, I should like to add my tribute to the three friends-two members and an ex-member of this house-who have been spoken of here. I remember Archdeacon Farrar saying that the older we grow, the more alone we grow. Some of us have come to the time in life when we know more friends who have crossed the line into the great beyond than we know here.
For over forty years I knew the former [DOT]member for Brandon, and when he became my deskmate I was greatly pleased. He was always helpful. As I knelt in worship, the knowledge that he had driven forty miles to attend the service was a great stimulus to me. He was always helpful when he sat beside me in the house.
The late member for Queens and I seemed to be kindred spirits. I was in his room in Ottawa regularly. But we know our friends best when we meet them in a game, and especially in a tight contest. He was an outstanding bowler. Just as he served in this house, he was -always steady; and he was just as well pleased when some of his mates were able to put it over him.
As I said, the older we get the more concerned we are, not with what a man says but with what he does. If he practises Chris-

tianity then there is no doubt of his future life. When I think of the apostle Paul speaking of the great cloud of witnesses I cannot but think that these three old friends belong now to that assemblage, because the cloud was not then completed. Somebody said, "It is not what we leave behind but what we give away that we take with us." These three friends have left behind such footprints that if we tread in them we shall rise to a higher and better service. [DOT]

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