February 1, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Harry Peter Cavers


Mr. H. P. Cavers (Lincoln):

Mr. Speaker, hon. members of this house no doubt will be interested to learn that Principal Gordon E. Price, of the St. Catharines collegiate institute and vocational schools, five members of his teaching staff and one hundred students of that institution are in the galleries of this chamber today.
Under the auspices of Mr. Price, for the past few months a series of non-partisan addresses on various public matters have been delivered to the students of this school. On October 26 last the Prime Minister (Mr. St. Laurent) spoke to those students. Last month the leader of the C.C.F. group (Mr. Coldwell) addressed the student body, and I am informed that the leader of the opposition (Mr. Drew) will speak there this month.
Today, in order to further their interest in citizenship, these students are attending in the galleries of this chamber. The visit

Inquiries of the Ministry is made also in appreciation of the fact that the leaders of the three major political parties have come or are to come to their school. Further, they wish by their presence to extend felicitations to the Prime Minister on the anniversary of his birthday, which he is celebrating today. We feel that visits of this kind do much to further an interest in public affairs on the part of the students of our collegiate institute, and that they in turn will be better citizens as a result of having attended here and having heard the leaders of the political parties in this country. We hope other cities will follow the lead of St. Catharines in carrying on activities of this kind.

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