April 25, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. Diefenbaker:

Progressive Conservative

1. How many cases of alleged domestic combination in restraint of trade have been investigated under the Combines Investigation Act since the first day of January, 1950?
2. (a) Have any reports of investigations under the said act been made by the combines commissioner to the Minister of Justice since the first day of January, 1950; (b) If so, respecting what commodities?
3. How many complaints of alleged injurious restraints of trade have been received by the combines investigation branch during the said period?
4. What prosecutions, if any, arising out of any investigations that have taken place since the first day of January, 1950, have been initiated or launched?
5. Have any actions been taken in the said period by the Minister of Justice or the combines investigation branch in the exchequer court to impeach any patents? If so, how many of such actions have been taken, and against whom?

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