April 25, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. Garson: (Solicitor General of Canada; Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)


1. (a) Inquiries into two industries, commenced prior to January, 1950, have been continued and are in advanced stages. Of these, one comprises six distinct and major branches and the other comprises two distinct and major branches.
(b) In two additional cases commenced after January, 1950, preliminary reports were made to the minister to the effect that

the evidence obtainable did not definitely indicate a combine but the situations would be kept under surveillance. One of these related to the sale of bread in a maritime province, and the subject of the other cannot be disclosed without danger of prejudice to further inquiry.
(c) In one additional case commenced after January, 1950, extensive hearings were held and an interim report is under preparation. The subject matter cannot be disclosed for reasons similar to those above mentioned.
(d) In addition to the foregoing, there are a large number of matters commenced after January, 1950, in various preliminary stages of inquiry, but it is not known at their present stages which or how many of them will lead to formal investigation,
2. (a) Answered by No. 1; (b) answered by No. 1.
3. Seventy-five, none of which was a formal application under section 11 of the act. Some such complaints were bare assertions of the existence of a combine, and many others indicated no substantial evidence. These complaints were all examined, and, where the evidence submitted or obtained justified, they have been carried into various stages of inquiry or investigation. In addition to these seventy-five cases, trade in many other commodities, in respect of which no complaints were received, was examined upon the initiative of the commissioner.
4. No prosecutions have been initiated or launched with respect to matters arising out of inquiries subsequent to January 1, 1950. Prosecutions since January 1, 1950, have been taken with respect to an alleged combine in the distribution and sale of flat glass in Ontario and Quebec; with respect to an alleged combine in the bread-baking industry in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, and with respect to an alleged combine in the manufacture, distribution and sale of wooden matches throughout Canada. These prosecutions arose out of investigations completed prior to January 1, 1950.
5. No. Two actions commenced prior to January 1, 1950, are now on appeal in the Supreme Court of Canada.

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