May 30, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. Winters: (Minister of Resources and Development)


1. The mileage under construction as of March 31, 1951, and payments made by federal government to each province for work done during the fiscal year 1950-51 are as follows:
Mileage Payments
Province Grading Paving $Newfoundland . 153 957,843.79Prince Edward Island 19 134,135.43New Brunswick ... 30 -Ontario 145 66 2,749,328.63Manitoba 30 44 273,958.99Saskatchewan . 151 392,169.26Alberta 15 42 193,055.70British Columbia .... 29 38 2,504,392.39Total 572 190 7,204,884.192. The amounts paid to each province bythe federal government for (a) construction
work and (b) allowance for sections

previously constructed by the provinces tor the fiscal year 1950-51 are as follows:
(a) New (b) Prior
Province Construction Construction
$ $
Newfoundland . Prince Edward . 957,843.79 -Island
New . 134,135.43 -Brunswick . . . -Ontario . 2,749,328.63 -Manitoba . 245,514.99 28,444.00Saskatchewan .. . 392,169.26 -Alberta
British . 193,055.70 -Columbia .... . 2,236,587.04 267,805.53Total 6,908,634.84 296,249.35
Note: It is difficult to estimate accurately the mileages for which claims have been allowed until all the claims for any particular section have been finally considered.
3. No agreement is necessary between the federal government and the provinces regarding the annual construction program. Projects are planned by the provinces and are then submitted to the federal authorities for approval prior to tenders being called. Complete information regarding the mileage of new construction contemplated in 1951 has not yet been received from all the provinces.
4. Two provinces only have submitted claims for credit or payment for work done prior to the passing of the Trans-Canada Highway Act. Manitoba has submitted claims for $297,266.84 for 49-64 miles of prior construction. British Columbia has submitted claims for $2,168,716.59 for 58-84 miles of highway, nine bridges, and overhead structures constructed prior to passage of the Trans-Canada Highway Act. The above figures represent Canada's share, which according to the terms of the agreement is not to exceed 50 per cent of the cost.
5. No agreement has yet been concluded between the province of Nova Scotia and the federal government regarding the construction of the trans-Canada highway.

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