November 15, 1951 (21st Parliament, 5th Session)


Jean-François Pouliot


Mr. Pouliot:

I never said a word about the forty-hour week. I challenge the hon. gentleman to quote anything about it, and moreover I shall ask him to proceed, although he will dislike it, as a lawyer would in submitting his case. In the first place, let him read what I said in the house. Let him read the letters and other papers that were sent to me by Mr. LeBlanc of the printers' union. Let him read a copy of my answer, and I shall send a copy of my answer to Mr. LeBlanc for the benefit of the hon. gentleman; let him read the whole story and then we shall argue it afterwards. I am in a position to argue with him, because I have union men in my county. I tell them very often that I have to fight the union to protect them. They come and say "Hurrah, boy, that is true".

Topic:   IS. 1951
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