March 12, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


Mr. McCusker: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of National Health and Welfare)


1. (a) Assistance is paid to a recipient if he is capable of handling his own affairs. If he is not (this decision is made by the provincial authority), the assistance is paid to whatever official of the county home or other person may be appointed by the provincial authority to act as trustee for the recipient. In the latter case the provision requiring payment of part of the assistance to the recipient must be applied, (b) Same procedure as under (a), (c) Payment of old
age assistance to persons in mental institutions is affected by the provincial law referring to persons in mental institutions. In most of the provinces this results in payment to patients in mental institutions being made to the provincial public trustee on the patient's behalf. (d) Same procedure as under (a), (e) Same procedure as under (a).
2 and 3. Payments to indigent patients are subject to the same rules as all other payments. Except where the provincial authority otherwise decides in accordance with the regulations already quoted, the patient is entitled to receive payment of the full amount of assistance to which he is entitled under the act. How much of this is retained by the patient for his own use, and how much is paid by him to the institution for his care is a matter for arrangement between the patient and the institution.
In cases however where the provincial authority decides that the patient is incapable of handling his own affairs, it may appoint a trustee to handle the old age assistance

cheque on the patient's behalf and may-direct the trustee as to the amount to be retained for the patient's personal needs and the amount to be paid to the institution for maintenance.

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