March 18, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


William Gilbert Weir (Chief Government Whip; Whip of the Liberal Party)

Liberal Progressive

Mr. W. G. Weir (Porlage-Neepawa) moved:

That a message be sent to the Senate acquainting Their Honours that this house has appointed Mr. Speaker and Messrs. Beyerstein, Blackmore, Brown (Essex West), Carroll, Carter, Conacher, Coyle, Dechene, Demers, Dinsdale, Eudes, Gauthier (Lapointe), Gingues, Goode, Hellyer, Henderson Higgins, Hunter, Jones, Kirk (Antigonish-Guys-borough), Knight, LaCroix, Laing, Leger, MacLean (Queens), MacNaught, McHraith, McMillan, Meeker, Noseworthy, Pearkes, Proudfoot, Ratelle, Rochefort! Ross (Hamilton East), Rowe, Smith (York North)! Smith (Moose Mountain), Tustin, Valois, Ward! White (Middlesex East), Whiteside and Winkler, a committee to assist His Honour the Speaker in the direction of the library of parliament so far as the

Reports and Papers
interests of the House of Commons are concerned, and to act on behalf of the House of Commons as members of a joint committee of both houses on the library.

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