March 28, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


Thomas Andrew Murray Kirk


Mr. T. A. M. Kirk (Digby-Yarmouth):

should like to ask a question of the Minister of Fisheries. Has the minister seen the full text, as published in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. of March 27, of the statement given in the Nova Scotia legislature by the minister of trade and industry concerning the problem of aid for the Nova Scotia fishermen? If so, is he prepared to make a further statement in the matter?
Hon. R. W. Mayhew (Minisier of
Fisheries): I have had the pleasure of seeing and reading the full text of the statement by the minister in the Nova Scotia legislature. There are many things about it with which I do not agree, but I shall make a full statement at a later date.
I will say now, however, that I cannot recall any case of relief such as this which has not been initiated by a provincial government.

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