May 14, 1954 (22nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Stanley Howard Knowles (Whip of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation)

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

Mr. Knowles:

In this same file which I have in my hand-it is not as voluminous as the one my colleague, the hon. member for Winnipeg North, had but it is a rather unfortunate one-there are other letters similar in tone. I suggest to the Postmaster General that he take seriously the point that was made a while ago by the hon. member for Vancouver-Kingsway and that he do his best to establish the kind of labour relations in his department with this band of over
20,000 employees that will make it unnecessary for us to bring up these labour matters on the floor of parliament. These 20,000 employees are good, faithful public servants. They have chosen their own organizations. They have elected their representatives. There are good men on the management side, on the government side, and there is no reason why they could not sit down and bargain in good faith, not in the one-sided way set out in that kind of letter, but in good faith. In that way they could work out the best of relations. I may be speaking pretty strongly, but I am interested in the response

the Postmaster General is making to our pleas, and I hope he will do something about this very important matter.

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