June 24, 1954 (22nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Ellen Louks Fairclough

Progressive Conservative

Mrs. Fairclough:

There are one or two
questions I should like to ask on this item. In the first place I notice that the department has increased staff by the addition of 5 mail transportation officers. I should like the minister to tell us just what the duties of these officers are. It looks like the creation of a new position. There is another item to which I desire to refer. I believe I mentioned it on the first item of the estimates. I refer to what are now called senior transcribers. It would appear that this is a new classification. They are probably the same employees transferred from the classification formerly described as stenographers grade 2B and grade 2A and now to be known as senior transcribers, grade 2 and grade 1. If the minister would explain these changes in staff, I am sure the committee would be interested.

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