April 5, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Findlay Maclean

Independent Conservative


I do not know. This is an extract from the letter that Mr. Russell presented in Rome :
I have just arrived at Rome once more at the urgent request of the Catholic members of the government and parliament of Canada. My Instructions enjoin me to again renew to Your Eminence the desire which I had already the honour to express to you, that His Holiness will be pleased to nominate a permanent delegate to Canada as a representative of His Holiness, who would reside on the spot, hut would be outside all local interests.
That is not denied. Then, what else follows ? Mr. Russell, the Canadian legal representative, wrote to His Eminence as follows :
We do not solicit His Holiness to sanction as perfect the concessions obtained, but that in his wisdom he will be pleased to regard them as a beginning of justice.
Now, that is a very important statement. The beginning of justice took jjlaee in 1896. The completion of justice is taking place in 1905, when the west is to be fettered in

regard to her school freedom. In addition I wish to refer to another thing. Does not the right hon. gentleman, in the view of responsible government, in the full conception we have of responsible government in this country and in England, consider that he is responsible for that delegate being here and responsible for his conduct in this country just as much as if he were one of his own administration, or one of his own civil service ?

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