April 5, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Henri Sévérin Béland



to-morrow ? There are to-day half a million people in the Northwest Territories ; how many will you find in twenty or thirty years from now ? Who can tell ? Perhaps two million, perhaps three million, perhaps five million, perhaps ten or twelve million ; and as we know that the largest foreign immigration to-day is from the United States, who can assure this House and this country that the control of the legislatures in the two new provinces thirty years from now will not be in the hands of people having a greater interest in the country to the south of the boundary line ? And, Mr. Speaker, we shall have, in the control of the lands and in the control of immigration, perhaps not a complete remedy, but certainly a palliative. Hon. gentlemen opposite say to us ; Hands off the twins ; let them enjoy the greatest liberty ; give them all their lands and the largest possible autonomy. Well, I can assure my hon. friend from East Grey (Mr. Sproule), whom I am glad to see in his seat, that in that future time, if he wishes, in order to maintain a loyal sentiment in the Northwest Territories, the services of that Roman Catholic clergy, whom he does not appear to like very much, they will be found as usual ready to support, day and night, through weeks and months and years, the British flag.

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