April 5, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Henri Sévérin Béland



I am not concerned with . that at all. They may vote as they please, and I am sure the French Canadian people will never go back on them on that account. Out. of the twelve counties in the province of Quebec which are represented in this House by Protestants, there is only one county where the majority is Protestant, and that is the county of Brome, represented here by my hon. friend, the Minister of Agriculture (Hon. Mr. Fisher).
Now, this may not he exactly fair; it may indicate that we are more tolerant than we are in reality. I will take another point of view-that of the whole population of the province. According to the whole population of the province of Quebec, the Protestants would be entitled in this parliament to eight representatives ; but they have twelve. What does my hon. frie'nd from East Grey think of that ? The ' Evening Telegram,' of Toronto, which makes a specialty of dealing with the question of the tolerance of the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, has the following :
Ontario's tolerance is illustrated in the tendency of every Roman Catholic who represents a Protestant constituency to vote as a liegeman of his church rather than as the citizen of his - country, upon questions affecting the aims of the church.
The intolerance of Quebec is illustrated in the spectacle of every ProtestaDt representative voting with an eye to the race and creed prejudices of Quebec, and with vision blinded to the principles of his own race and creed.
Ontario's treatment of the minority that is over-represented in the government, over-represented in the legislature, is not equalled by the treatment which the minority receives in auy other commonwealth on earth.

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